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Once the Tunnel is built, there can be no Phase Two that actually restores Humboldt Parkway! Yet, on March 28, 2024, Governor Hochul announced the go-ahead for the Tunnel Project, including announcement of a Phase Two to be led by GBNRTCGBNRTC Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council. Unfortunately, even if there is a Phase Two, studying Bicycle Lanes ‘re-connecting’ Delaware and MLKMLK Park Martin Luther King Park, formerly Humboldt Park., the Fruit Belt will still endure the pollution and noise of the Expressway. And physical impediments make it impossible to extend the Tunnel to the North.

NYSDOT has only said “The Kensington Expressway Project does not preclude the consideration of potential future projects…” But, after 15 years of study, where is the documentation-estimates, drawings, and timelines-for the feasibility of any potential Phase Two that would actually restore Humboldt Parkway? NYSDOT would already have some version of that study if it were possible to extend the Tunnel to the North!

The Governor’s announcement must be seen as SPIN, designed to greenwash the continuing existence of a highway that has been killing residents of disadvantaged communities for six decades. Plus, NY State is projected to be in a financial deficit of $36 billion over the next three years, so where would the money come from to help the Fruit Belt?

While our lawsuits can help claims for damages if we succeed, they do not contain requests for damages.

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