On February 16, 2024, Governor Kathy Hochul will be making a “Major Infrastructure Announcement”. She will be announcing the State’s intention to proceed with the creation of the Toxic Tunnel and the continued division and damage to the East Side.

We’ll be convening at the Edward Saunders Community Center at 9am, 2777 Bailey Avenue,, Buffalo NY 14215. Dress warm.

Our statement in response to the Governor’s ill-advised announcement:

The East Side Parkways Coalition stands united with the majority of East Side and Humboldt Parkway residents in opposing the DOTNYSDOT New York State Department of Transportation’s Kensington Expressway Project and the FHWA’s FONSI announcement.  This decision represents a failure of leadership by our State officials. Despite decades of devastating health outcomes in the communities adjacent the Kensington Expressway, the Governor, Majority Leader, and Senate Transportation Chair have chosen political expediency over a fully restored parkway, reinvigorated commercial corridors, and community health. This announcement will not derail our efforts, but rather it strengthens our resolve to pursue every strategy at our disposal to ensure a community supported plan emerges and both our historic parkways and neighborhoods are truly reconnected.

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